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Codice corso: MOC80421
Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


After completing this course, students will be able to understand the basic theory of customer relationship management, understand CRM-based elements, gain an overview of the various parts of the Sales and Marketing module, set up number sequencing information for CRM, set up relation type for prospects, set up transaction logging for CRM, reflect the sales organization by creating sales units, define sales targets for the sales unit and sales personnel, describe the graphical view that management statistics provides, define prospects, set up the categorizations to use the prospects functionality correctly, create and maintain prospects, define and assign responsibilities, create and maintain contact persons connected to prospects, create and maintain activities for prospects and contact persons, set up the telemarketing and default values, create and work with call lists, execute a telemarketing initiative, create and maintain campaigns, distribute campaign responsibilities, delete an intercompany order chain, define process definitions, create a lead, qualify a lead, create an opportunity, create a Competitor record, create a case, add actions to a case, create a knowledge article, work with document handling in Microsoft Dynamics AX’s Sales and Marketing module, work with mailing lists, set up and maintain synchronization between the Microsoft Dynamics AX Sales and Marketing module and Microsoft Outlook and setup the Computer Telephone Integration system.

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