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Codice corso: MOC20532
Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
PREREQUISITI: Before attending this course, students must be able to: Compare the services available in the Azure platform. Configure and deploy web applications. Create Azure WebSites using the gallery. Deploying and monitoring Azure WebSites. Create and configure Azure Virtual Machines. Describe the relationship between Cloud Services and Virtual Machines. Deploy existing Cloud Service packages. Create and manage a Storage account. Manage blobs and containers in a Storage account. Create, configure and connect to a SQL Databases instance. Identify the implications of importing a SQL Standalone database. Manage users, groups and subscriptions in an Azure Active Directory instance. Create a virtual network. Implement a point to site network.
OBIETTIVI: After completing this course, students will be able to: review the services available in the Azure platform and the Management Portals used to manage the service instances. create a Virtual Machine using the Azure Management Portal and create an image of the VM. create an Azure Web Site and publish an existing ASP.NET web application to the site. create an Azure SQL server and database. describe and identify the common practices and patterns for building resilient and scalable web applications that will be hosted in Azure. create an Azure Cloud Service project in Visual Studio 2013 and debug locally. create a background process using a Azure Worker Role. create an Azure Table Storage table and manage the table data using the .NET API for Azure Storage. create Azure Files SMB file share and store documents. create an Azure Storage Queue instance to store requests. create an Azure Service Bus queue instance to store requests. create an Azure Service Bus namespace and use the namespace to connect a cloud web application to the local WCF service. create a Virtual Machine using the existing SQL template and connect this Virtual Machine to the existing application. create a test environment using PowerShell and the Azure Service Management CmdLets. integrate ASP.NET Identity for the administration portal with Azure Active Directory. deploy the web application projects to Azure.
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  • DURATA: 4 giorni
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